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Dance Styles

With Jarvis B. Manning Jr. 


This interactive workshop is to encourage and empower each student to believe in their natural gifts and instincts. We will discuss how knowing the environment, time period, and overall vibe of a piece can completely elevate the dance experience. We will prove that “The mover” and “the dancer” can coexist in the same piece, if they are both aware of their environment and are communicating from the heart.

My Little Black Book

With Angela Wildflower


Nothing compliments your vocal auditions more than the perfect book of songs to showcase your vocal abilities, & personal style. Learn the art of picking the perfect 16 bars, how to prepare for professional auditions, & how to stand out in any room you enter, all while celebrating the contributions of African Americans in music history.Students  will learn insider tips on how to tell a story through song & test their audition skills live, and  how to create their very own little black book, in this interactive master class.

The Most Interesting Person in The Room 

With Anissa Felix


The most interesting person on camera isn’t the one talking the loudest, it’s the one who stands so squarely in command of their instincts and imagination, that makes us unable to look away!  In this class, we’ll learn how to down a theatrical performance for the camera by using improvisational techniques and exercises to create truly unique and spontaneous performances. Students will get a “crash course” on how to translate their previous acting technique for the screen without stifling their creativity.

This level is ideal for those teens and young adults who have a passion for the Performing Arts and may want to eventually pursue a career in this field. These classes are taught by Broadway and T.V. Professionals who will help bring your students' work to an "Industry Standard", arming them with the knowledge they need to be competitive in the field. 

Build a comprehensive class package from the courses below!

How Do They Do That?

With Tiffany Robinson

(Theatre Management)

Have you ever watched a show and wondered who was the magician behind all of the magic on stage?  Well, you’re in the right place. Stage Managers are rarely seen but are an integral part of every show.  Any set piece that moves, blackout that happens, or the first note of an overture being played occurs because a Stage Manager said GO! After this class, you’ll have a better understanding of what goes into creating a show and the many roles that are needed to make others shine.

How to "Make It" in New York City

With Anissa Felix

(Business of Theatre)

This class is an introduction to the logistics of starting an acting career in NY.

We’ll learn how to set up profiles for casting directors, how to submit one’s self  for a role without representation, and how to find and create an actors’ community the GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD!

The LEGENDS Panel 

With Various Artists

The “Legends” Panel is a Q& A Talkback, where some of Broadway’s most respected Actors, Playwrights, Music Directors, and Stage Managers share their journeys and career advice with your students. This opportunity allows for an up-close look at Show Business and the people who run it.

Private Coaching

With Various Artists

Whether you need help preparing for your college audition, want to brush up on your vocal technique, or you're getting ready to make the big move to New York, we're here to give you individualized coaching and set you in the right direction. Our team will pool our resources together to make sure that you get the instruction and guidance you need to feel prepared and ready to perform!

*Inquire for pricing and availability

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