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STAGED Jr. Classes


Students of all ages can join in on the fun!

STAGED Jr. offers classes for artists in Grades 3-8 .These abbreviated classes are interactive and tailored to today’s virtual needs. Your students’ imaginations, team-building, and physical movement skills will be nurtured and celebrated with our Child-Centered programming.

"Dance Styles for Kids"

with Jarvis B. Manning Jr.

Each class starts with a dance warm-up, a Dance History lesson, and upbeat choreography inspiring students to move their bodies with intention.

"Voice and Storytelling"

with Angela Wildflower

This class focuses on telling a story through song. Students will utilize their imaginations to create songs while also learning sone Musical Theatre history.

"Acting and Improv Games"

with Anissa Felix

With this class, we put an emphasis on improvisational and team-building exercises to stretch your students’ imaginations and empathy skills.

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